Great Brook Ski Touring Center operates daily, snow conditions permitting, from December 1 until March 30 each season.
(Pray for snow!)


  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 9-5 (or dusk, whichever is earlier)
  • Tuesday, Thursday: 9-9 (night skiing on Lantern Loop, conditions permitting)

Inclement weather and poor snow conditions can alter these times so call ahead if it's questionable.

Night Skiing

Great Brook offers night skiing by lantern light on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, conditions permitting.  Lanterns are lit on the 1-mile Lantern Loop from sunset until 9:00 PM allowing skiers the chance to admire the combination of brilliant night sky and glimmering snow.  This is an especially worthwhile experience during a full moon.  Headlamps and other forms of lighting are not permitted as they negatively affect other skiers.  Only the Lantern Loop is open during this time;  other trails close at dusk.

Great Brook Farm State Park's Winter Use Policy

When adequate snow cover exists between December 1 and March 30, the machine-groomed ski trails (which are east of Lowell St.) are open only to paid skiers.  Tickets for the machine-groomed ski trails can be purchased at the ski touring center at 1018 Lowell St.  Those who do not wish to purchase a trail pass and who have their own ski equipment are encouraged to use the ungroomed trails located west of Lowell St.  Inquire at the ski touring center for a map of these trails.  Walkers, horseback riders, and all other users are prohibited from using the machine-groomed ski trails during these periods, but are permitted to use the trails west of Lowell St. Park at the ski touring center and look for the Acorn trailhead across the street.  

Contact the state park headquarters at (978) 369-6312 for more information.